Fagor Automation is awarded a special mention for their CNC 8060 at the National Award for Design and Innovation

Fagor Automation has been awarded a special mention for their CNC 8060 in the accessories, components and tools category of the 11th National Award for Design and Innovation in Machine-tools and manufacturing technologies.

AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, organizes this award with the support from BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Center) and Beaz (Bizkaian Innovation Agency). The judges were EIDE, IHOBE, SPRI, TECNUN, the University of the Basque Country, Mondragón University, Ergogroup and Osalan and based their choices on innovation, design, ergonomics and safety

Fagor Automation Premio Innovación y Tecnología por suCNC 8060

The CNC 8060 has a sleek design adapted to the new trends that are being used by machine tool manufacturers. The front mounting holes have been eliminated and the keys are smaller making it possible to group them by subject and use the same groups for both vertical and horizontal models.

Thanks to advanced design techniques used, its depth has been reduced considerably and mold technology has also been used to cover the back side. Hence, the CNC 8060 is a CNC with an ergonomic look and ideal for industrial environments.

The main characteristics of this CNC 8060 from Fagor Automation are:

Ergonomic look

The new line of Fagor keyboards has been designed using the common machine designs (horizontal and vertical) and in cooperation with machine operators to make navigation and data entry easier.

The keys have been grouped so the operator can access all the necessary operation in the same keyboard area so he can find the keys more quickly.

Teclado del CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation.

Likewise, the information on the screen is shown in more ergonomic colors. Its design is the result of tight cooperation with companies specialized in ergonomics adding pastel colors that reduce operator’s fatigue

Designed for industrial environments

It is designed to be integrated into any machine meeting the maximum sealing requirements. They are rear mounted to prevent dirt and liquids from getting inside and complying with the sealing standard IP65 (NEMA12).

Thanks to advanced design technology, no perishable items such as batteries and fans are used, hence eliminating the need for any maintenance.

As a result of this design, the CNC generates less heat and consequently a smaller enclosure may be used without having to use a cooling fan.

Easy user customizable navigation

Navegación del CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation



With this feature, the operator may select the work screens and the machining cycles that he actually uses and hide the rest, thus simplifying even more the operation of the CNC.

Easy and simple operation

Pantalla de CNC 6080 de Fagor Automation


Pop-up navigation (browsing) is an innovative system on the machine tool market. It offers a pop-up menu system for immediate access to all available option in that mode. The softkeys have icons and texts. Touch-screen monitor, mouse browsing.




Integrated manuals

Fagor CNC’s are the only ones on the market that integrate their operating and programming manuals.

Pressing the HELP key displays the chapter related to the operation being carried out at the time.

Having the information in computer format, besides being more ecological, frees the working environment of books that are only consulted occasionally.

Manual de CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation

Interactive graphics

As the operator edits his program, the CNC simultaneously shows how it is being edited.

The user can check the programmed movements and direction before executing the programs, even before simulating them.

Gráficos interactivos de CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation.

Part preparation assistance (calculator)

The calculator function is integrated into the software, it is a unique feature on the market so the operator does not need to have a calculator on the work bench as it is usually the case.

The calculator calling key has been defined as “CAL”. When done with the calculations, the resulting value is loaded into the selected field, hence preventing data entry errors.

Customizable high resolution graphics

The CNC offers the possibility to simulate the finished part before executing it. Letting anticipate any possible programming errors that could damage the part. High resolution graphics help display and analyze the part in great detail since the simulation shown on the screen is very close to the real thing.

Graphics are also very useful while machining, in low visibility environments (due to the use of coolant or due to chips) and allows checking the actual machining status at any time.

On very complex parts, the part may be sectioned to graphically see and check inside the part in detail.

Gráficos de CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation

Auto-tuning tool for the machine manufacturer

Herramienta de auto-ajuste de CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation.

With this powerful feature it is possible to optimize the machine by just pressing a key to obtain maximum performance while preventing possible errors when adjusting it manually.

This feature developed by the technological center Aotek is called FineTune and it allows adjusting the machine automatically, thus reducing setup time considerably and, consequently, production costs.

It is very easy to operate thanks to its user-friendly interface and the perfect integration with the CNC and the drives.

Dynamic override Dynamic Machine adjustment

Ajuste dinámico de CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation.

While machining the part, this revolutionary feature lets the operator modify the dynamic behavior of the machine to obtain the best part finish, respecting the programmed speed and smoothing the response of the machine to the part profile.

If after machining a part with smooth contours (just a few acceleration changes), the next part has many sharp corners, the machine will not behave as desired because there are a lot of acceleration changes. If the operator reduces the Dynamic Override, the machine will run more smoothly, it may need more time but the machining quality will be the best.

Process Informer (by sending emails)

Certain machining operations do not require constant operator presence to monitor them, either because it is a serial process or because the machining operation takes a long time.

This “Process Informer” feature warns the operator about any incidences that come up on the machine while machining through SMS or emails providing the chance to act on them quickly and resume machining as soon as possible.

Process Informer. CNC 8060 de Fagor Automation