When Manufacturing Meets Art

When manufacturing and art come together, impressive creations are born. Have you ever thought about all the possibilities that a CNC machine can offer? Today we show you that Fagor Automation machines are not only for industry. They are also used, among other things, to create art. The project of Dom Riccobene and his family is one of this example.

L3 series – Long-range absolute linear encoders

Fagor Automation has launched the L3 linear encoder with steel tape and lengths up to 50 meters, thus completing the Serie 3. The Series 3 family includes encoders with optical glass: the S3, SV3, and G3. All Series 3 encoders have been designed to increase productivity and reduce costs. They are, without a doubt, the most advanced linear encoders that Fagor Automation has ever developed.

Fagor Automation will be at the EMAF tradeshow from December 1st to 4th.

Fagor Automation will participate in EMAF, the international trade fair for machines, equipment and services for industry to be held in Porto, Portugal, from December 1 to 4. EMAF is the largest Portuguese event for the industrial sector, where the latest challenges of Industry 4.0 will be addressed.