Built to fit your needs

A CNC system ajdusted to the most competitive sectors.

OPTIMA system

We present you the OPTIMA system

An integral solution that is built to fit your real manufacturing needs.
Optima is powerful, compact, smart.
The perfect combination of CNCelite and the new series of compact drives for axes and spindles.
Aimed at small and medium-sized milling machines and lathes, and adjusted to the most competitive sectors.
With Fagor's OPTIMA you will have a single source provider for all the devices and drives that make up your machine.

01. Technology

Complete redesign

More powerful control algorithms and circuits with the latest technology

Even more compact

Easier and more efficient assembly

More powerful algorthms

Technological innovations

Improved CPU

Unique CNCs introducing CPUs with enhanced features (such as higher processing speed, more memory capacity, etc.) to support even more powerful control algorithms.

We upgraded the hardware creating a highly compact platform.

02. Ethernet

New drive communication Buses EtherCAT and Sercos III

All for faster communication.

We are launching new drive Buses for communication between the CNC and the drive modules. The EtherCAT and Sercos III buses, based on Industrial Ethernet, allow us to multiply the speed up to 100 MBd.

The Ethernet STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cabling is easy to install.

Bus de regulación EtherCAT
Bus de regulación Sercos III

Industrial Ethernet-
based connetion



Bus Speeds


03. Full Digital

We talk digital...

...also in the communication between drives and motors.

This allows us to be a fully digital system, from the command to the feedback, as all the modules involved communicate via digital protocols, with the consequent improvement in control quality, greater noise immunity, etc.

Totally digital

Bus de regulación EtherCAT
Bus de regulación Sercos III

It is also possible to connect second feedbacks, thus further improving the accuracy level of the entire system.

Full Digital

04. More reduced

We have created an extremely compact CNC platform

Reduction of around 45% to 60% (depending on model) in size compared to the previous CNC platform.

Reduction on
Integrated CNCs
Reducción en CNC integrados
CNC Reduction
Reducción en CNC Modulares

05. VESA mount

New installation system

With a simple VESA mount adapter we can directly connect a CNC to monitors of various sizes.

Available for cabinet models:

We have a new universally acceptable assembly arrangement to attach a modular CNC directly to a Fagor or a third-party monitor. This allows various new possibilities for machine manufacturers for their control cabinet design. This unique and new installation method provides an alternative to cabinet assembly. Its small size and a thickness of only 36.5 mm, means a very sleek control panel or cabinet.

icono acotación36,5mm thick

06. HMIelite based on web technology

Easy programming and portability to other platforms.


Web technology






The technology allows a single web design to display everything correctly on any portable device

New revitalized multiplatform HMIelite, based on HTML5 technology that is modern looking and simplified. The HTML5-based software allows for the screen format and aesthetics to be modified and customized in a simplified manner. The redesigned user screens enhance appearance and make them more intuitive and user friendly.

07. Advanced functionalities

State-of-the-art operation

The most intuitive and user-friendly visual work environment.

  • Visual and modern navigation
  • Drop-down menus
  • HD graphics
  • Integrated calculator
  • Graphical programming support
  • Powerful Fagor Geometry Editor (FGE)
  • And many more...

08. Start-up assistance

Faster and more economical start-ups


Advanced tools available to facilitate system tuning.

  • Bode diagram
  • Circularity test
  • PLC
  • Advanced oscilloscope

09. Always as good as new

We extend the life of your machines

With OPTIMA you can renew the entire CNC and control system while maintaining the mechanics of the machine, and thus get a practically new machine.

Which CNCelite are you interested in?

CNC 8065elite T

Designed for parallel Lathes with optional C-axis and intended for on-machine operation, without the need for advanced programming knowledge.

CNC 8060 T

CNC 8060elite T

Designed to suit the needs of slant bed lathes and large production lathes, offering the latest technology.

CNC 8058elite T

Designed to control high production turning centers, vertical lathes with inclined bed, parallel, double turret (TT), etc.

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