CNC 8060elite L

Solution based on the 8060elite-L CNC capable of managing EtherCAT drive systems, providing good performance and optimum cost for economically tight solutions.

CNC water jet cutting machine

Plasma, Flame Cutting ,Waterjet, Laser 2D Cutting

  • Simple operation for part program loading and executing
  • Easy configuration for Material and Technological tables
  • CNC solution for both price sensitive and high performance/accuracy needs
  • Fast and distributed field-bus connectivity to I/O devices based on EtherCAT
  • Optimal CNC solution for 2D (3 axis)

High-speed cutting

  • HSSA I (High Speed Surface Accuracy) for Plasma, Flame Cutting and Waterjet Cutting
  • HSSA II (High Speed Surface Accuracy) for 2D Laser Cutting

EtherCat connectivity & analogue I/IOs

  • Proportional valves
  • Laser generator
  • Laser head

Cutting specific HMI

  • Specially designed HMI for 2D cutting
  • Technological tables for different material, piercing and cutting
  • Fully customizable virtual keyboard and OP to the preferences of each OEM

Specific functions to maximize the performance of each cutting solution

  • 2D GAP Control
  • PWM
  • Power Control
  • Synchronized switching / Fly Cutting
  • Leap Frog