CNC 8070elite L

Solution based on the 8070elite-L CNC and the Quercus drive system, providing the best performance, high precision and interpolation of 5 or more axes for the most demanding solutions

Waterjet 3D, laser 2D/3D Cutting, Laser for tubes, Laser blanking

  • Fagor Dynamic Override algorithm allows “on the fly” changes to acceleration and jerk control, allowing you to change/improve part finish (smoothness) during the cutting process
  • Any type of tube structure and shapes can be cut including round, square, rectangle, etc. as well as angled and spiral tubes
  • Flexibility in the contour design provided by CNC programming. Fagor CNC can control multiple and independent heads (more than one cutting process at the same time)

High-speed cutting

  • HSSA II (High Speed Surface Accuracy) for laser cutting machines

EtherCat connectivity & analogue I/IOs

  • Proportional valves
  • Laser generator
  • Laser head

Cutting specific HMI

  • Specially designed HMI for cutting with 3D graphic
  • Technological tables for different material, piercing and cutting
  • Fully customizable virtual keyboard and OP to the preferences of each OEM

Specific functions to maximize the performance of each cutting solution

  • 3D GAP Control
  • PWM
  • Power Control
  • Synchronized switching / Fly Cutting
  • Leap Frog