Second edition of Fagor Technical Conference in Marinha Grande

The second Fagor Technical Conference focused on users of the precision mold making market took place on May 17th, at the CDRSP (Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development) in Marinha Grande (Portugal).


Close to 50 people attended this event that consisted in the presentation of Fagor Automation’s latest novelties among which we could especially mention the new features focused on the mold making sector for 3 and 5 axes which have been received with great success on the Portuguese market.FAGOR CNC 8060

  • With1.3 GB to 30 GB of program storage memory
  • Mouse or Touch Screen navigation
  • Block processing time under 1 ms
  • Look-ahead of up to 2400 blocks
  • High level machining algorithms (splines, nurbs,…)
  • Override based dynamic machining management
  • Integrated calculator and manuals
  • Free PC simulator with no programming limitations and no expiration date
  • Etc.

As a complement to the conference, after the technical presentation, the attendees, could visit the technological center to see, first hand, the services offered to industrial sectors like emerging technologies, advanced materials or manufacturing of green technologies (sustainability).


After the visit, the visitors were offered some catering while they could see the products physically, hold them in their hands and ask any relevant questions they might have.


The customers told us that they were really impressed by our products CNC 8060 and CNC 8065, which encourages us to keep our high expectations for the Portuguese market where we are the leaders and where we’ve been growing for many years.