Fagor Automation and Feng Chia University signed a collaboration agreement

In Asia, the industries and the schools are trying to develop the know-how in automation and to improve the production efficiency nowadays. Thus, the leading schools like the Feng Chia University (Taiwan) are considering working with the famous leaders in the different industrial sectors. Since Fagor Automation has participated on many successful machine projects in “gear hobbing” worldwide, it is the first choice for the Feng Chia University to cooperate in their plans to enhance the gear knowledge of students and the local gear manufacturers.

Social responsibility is one of the main corporate values of the cooperatives, and so it is for Fagor Automation also. This is why, from the very beginning Fagor Automation has been in very close contact with different academic institutions.

To better promote industrial-academic collaboration, spur the development of industries and establish cooperative relationship between industries and academic institutions, Fagor Automation and Feng Chia University have recently signed an agreement to work together in the development of gear hobbing solutions.

Fagor Automation - Feng Chia Fagor Automation - Feng Chia

Currently, Feng Chia University is comprised of eight schools and colleges: the School of Management Development, and the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, Humanities and Social Science, Information and Electrical Engineering, Construction and Development, and Finance. Over 20,000 students are currently enrolled in undergraduate, Master’s degree, doctor’s degree and Master’s degree programs for working professionals.