Fagor Automation will face 2012 with a growth of 10%

Fagor Automation will face 2012 with the intention to increase its share of global share, for which it has set a target to grow 10%. Their new CNC families and developments of CNC and absolute encoders (field in which it holds the world leader in long encoders) will play an important role in this plan.

Fagor Automation plans for this year will focus on innovation and internationalization in order to increase its market position and the income they got before the crisis. The leaders of the cooperative, in fact, rely on its sales increase by 10 percent over 70 million and get a new historical record. To meet the business plan, according to these sources, it is key that China recovers the vigor it lost in the last months of 2011 since it concentrates 40 percent of global consumption of MT, although Fagor accounts for 30 percent.

These higher expectations are based on the industrial feelings that have been detected in countries like Germany, France, Italy and the United States where the aviation and defense industries are very active. They also hope that the control of inflation in China that has made progress at the end of 2011 will increase the dynamism of the Asian giant. To ensure positions on these markets, Fagor Automation has established a series of actions to reinforce its international network with more technical and sales personnel and the opening of new offices, having given priority to Korean , Italian, German and American markets, where they already have six branch offices.


The sum of the innovative, commercial and international actions has made Fagor Automation consolidate 606 employees, 200 of whom work abroad, and achieve sales of 66 million in 2011, of which 11% were obtained from domestic manufacturers. Looking at this year, the company has established a plan for investment in special equipment to increase the traceability of their SMD components by screen printing, and advanced technical equipment, Halt Hass-Hasa to analyze the robustness of complete electronic systems.

Also, this year, they will complete the development of a program (Etorgai) to diversify the business toward the electric vehicle. Fagor Ederlan, Cegasa, and Mondragon Ecenarro Automotive and Lotus Engineering work on this project. They are now running successful tests on the first prototypes.