Fagor Automation has opened its fourth branch office in INDIA

Fagor Automation opened its first Indian branch office in 2008 in Bangalore, then followed the ones in Pune (July 2010), New Delhi (October 2010) and Rajkot (December 2011). Fagor Automation bets strongly on globalization but with a local approach so the customer can be sure that he will find a solution tailored to his real needs.

The consumption of machine-tools in Asia is currently 60% of global consumption, whereas 10 years ago was a mere 25%. Fagor Automation is settled in 18 countries and bet strongly 4 years ago on settling in India, a young subsidiary that has grown tremendously since then.

Presently the Indian machine tool industry produces almost the complete range of Metal-cutting and Metal-forming machine tools. Indian machine tool industry is recognized as a provider of low-cost, high quality lean manufacturing solutions and Fagor Automation have products to cater to this segment of the machine tool market.

According to K.G. Nayak “Fagor Automation in India strongly believe in providing our customers quality product with superior after sales service at affordable cost. Fagor Automation has a clear advantage because we offer a complete solution supplying drives, motors, feedback devices, etc. together with our CNCs. Customers are glad to source everything from single supplier.”

Mr. K.G. Nayak
CEO of Fagor Automation in India

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