CNC 8070elite OL

Fully customizable solution adaptable to any machine: grinders, saws, folding machines, shot blasting machines, polishing machines, carving machines, sheet metal forming machines, machines for wood, marble, stone and glass working glass, machines for the food industry, show business, medicine, etc.

It can control up to 32 axes + spindles and 4 execution channels, for high-demanding applications.

CNC 8070elite OL

Total flexibility

  • Cabinet (modular) or integrated solutions for easy installation.
  • Ability to combine proprietary and third-party drives and motors.

Fully customizable HMI

  • Possibility of integrating the manufacturer's own logo and cycles.

Open system

  • Possibility of external software installation.

EtherCAT connectivity and analog I/O

  • Easy integration of all types of third-party devices such as interactive monitors, cameras, etc. interactive monitors, cameras, etc.

Advanced features

  • HSSA II (High Speed Surface Accuracy) for excellent high speed finishing.
  • Nanometer resolution.
  • Multiple programming options and import of DXF files.
  • PWM control, RTCP, synchronisms and cams, etc.