CNC 8065elite M

Designed to provide solutions for machines with high speed and precision requirements: 5-axis machining centers with RTCP, gantry milling and boring machines .... and all this combined with the advantages that the CNCelite offers:

CNC 8065elite M

01.Complete redesign
More powerful control algorithms and circuits with the latest technology

02. Ethernet
New Sercos III Servo Bus, with Industrial Ethernet technology at 100 MBd.
Better integration of functions that depend on more than one axis

03. Full Digital
Feedback inputs prepared for FeeDat, SSI, etc. real-time serial communication protocols.
Nanometer resolution.

04. Smaller
We have created an extremely compact CNC platform with reductions of around 45% to 60% (depending on model) in size compared to the previous CNC platform.

05. Wide range of monitors and keyboards configurations
Provides maximum flexibility when designing the machine control panels

06. VESA mount
New installation system. When using the simple VESA mount adapter, a CNC can be connected directly to monitors of various sizes.

07. Web technology-based HMIelite
Easy programming and portability to other platforms.

08. Always Ready for the future
QUERCUS is the CNC automation system that can help you grow vertically and allows you to be always prepared for most demanding requirements of the current and future markets.