TÜV certificate granted to Fagor servo system

The working environment of machine operators offers potential risks for their physical integrity.

The machine must be built so it adapts to their function allowing for adjustment and maintenance work without any risks to the operators when carrying these tasks under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer.

In order to help set the measurements mentioned earlier, various directives and regulations have been created describing the minimum requirements to meet in order to ensure the safest work environment possible.

Safety regulations are in force since the 90’s. For years, Fagor Automation has complied with those regulations by using external safety controllers and helping manufacturers make their machines safe.

In order to facilitate and simplify the integration of safety systems in machines and create safer environments for the operators, Fagor Automation has certified its AXD/SPD drives through an external independent German certification organism (TÜV).

After months of thorough analysis of our products and manufacturing processes, they have concluded that Fagor Automation meets all the necessary requirements and have granted us the corresponding certificate.