Priminer & Fagor Automation, perfect partnership

The group PRIMINER Machine Tools was founded by a global team working in the field of CNC machine tools which had been manufacturing for over 15 years. They produce CNC machining centres at a top price-performance ratio in four different locations around the world.

Priminer is a company open to new ideas and focused on the “Quality System Management” that follows international standards. A highly motivated team of specialists takes advantage of serial production and reliable top-level suppliers with global leading positions in their sectors; these are the pillars of their success.

Priminer is a company that is already thinking and planning for the future. A growing in-house R&D department, with experienced engineers, is developing machine concepts which ensures that they are prepared for the upcoming trends in the machine tool business. Flexibility of CNC controllers is a must for them and they only go with the market leaders.

Fagor Automation as a partner. “There are several markets in which this CNC is the perfect solution for our customers. High-level features, both for 3 and 5-axis milling machines, and simplicity. This helps to broaden our product offer and allowing our customers to improve their productivity.” says Mr. Jack Chen, Managing Director of Priminer Machine Tools Donguan Co.Ltd. “The greatest advantage of Fagor CNC is that user can choose between various programming levels, while other CNCs cannot offer this possibility Concludes.

Mr. Jack Chen, Managing Director of PRIMINER Machine Tools Dongguan Co.Ltd

For a company like PRIMINER, which operates within an international market and well prepared to attract further customers, the opportunity to offer products with such a broad variety of programming languages is an enormous added value.

“The way a machine is built affects the way it performs. In line with this approach, we have found that Fagor Automation is a company that shares the same business vision, in terms of its products, services and support. We have been forging a stronger partnership, where we can continue to keep offering improved performance, precision, quality and productivity of our machines.” Describes Mr. Chen the partnership with Fagor Automation.