Preparing your students in 5-axis technology? FAGOR is the answer!

On 18 January, a presentation and demo was given at the Machine Tool Institute-IMH (Spain) with the aim of showing to Training Centers the 3-axis to 5-axis machine upgrade – several Training Centers attended, having been invited by TKNIKA, IMH and FAGOR AUTOMATION.

For this type of conversion, led by IMH and Fagor Automation, several prestigious companies have collaborated by providing a flexible,simple and alternative solution to the purchase of a 5-axis machine, in order to train students to this technology. As explained by Igor Larrañaga (Professor of Mechanical Manufacturing at IMH), “what we want to show you is that an Educational Center with a 3-axis machine and a relatively small financial investment can acquire a quality 5-axis machine to deliver the first stages of 3+2 and 5-axis training”.

During the opening of the presentation, each collaborating company presented the integration of its own product for this machine retrofit.

Alberto Fasana, Milling Technology Manager of Fagor Automation, explained Fagor Automation’s technological innovations in 5-axis machining. “So, why 5-axes? On one hand, this has become the natural tendency of the market, since there is a need for more advanced machines and technologies. On the other hand, cutting-edge production sectors, such as aeronautics and energy, require the mechanization of highly complex parts and for this, 5-axis machines are required. Moreover, new technologies that are flourishing right now, such as additive manufacturing, also require 5-axis technology.” The CNC 8065 is designed to meet all these needs, since it is at the same time a powerful CNC, but easy to operate – and of course, it is Industry 4.0-ready. During his presentation, Alberto Fasana spoke about the types of kinematics, programming strategies, special features such as the virtual axis, #CSROT (plane rotation with tool orientation), kinematics calibration, tool compensation, HSSA machining modes, Dynamic Override, trochoidal milling, vectorial 5-axis programming, collision avoidance, etc. (See full video below).

The CNC FAGOR Simulator for PCs is a very useful and complementary tool for Educational Centers. Since it has the same features as a real CNC and the same functionalities of a machine-installed CNC, it allows editing and running of any program without restrictions. In this manner, students may work on the virtual machine before passing over any programs to the real machine; or the teacher may develop training material (documents, videos, photos, etc.) directly from a PC. Additionally, the simulator offers machine setup tools to train learners in the start-up of real machines (oscilloscope, circle adjustment, logic analyzer, etc.). Download the free version.

Through this collaboration, Delfín Componentes has integrated the Lehmann 4-axis and 5-axis CNC rotary table. Jon Azcue presented the advantages of the CNC rotary table and what it means to integrate such type of auxiliary equipment in an “in-field” machine. “In many cases, CNCs are so closed that adding all features needed to enable 5th axis milling is a hard work. What we have seen throughout our experience with FAGOR, is that it is an open CNC, where any upgrade (HW or SW) is really a simple task”. Lehmann is a Swiss company that has been manufacturing CNC rotary tables for 40 years. These are CNC rotary tables that take up very little space and are different from other brands because they work with two radial and two axial bearings in order to obtain a greater load capacity.

For the kinematic calibration, the machine requires measurement probes and for this Renishaw has collaborated with its Primo System. Iñaki Beitia (ASM and Calibration Product Manager of Renishaw Ibérica S.A.U.) provided more details on this installed product. The Primo System includes a part measurement probe and a tool measurement probe and works as a “pay per use” system, with a 6-month license key and a training aid kit. “This is an interesting system for teaching facilities, because as long as the license key remains activated, the entire system is under guarantee, with no time limit”.

Finally, Josu Olalde from Bezzier (distributor in Spain for Autodesk PowerMill) explained the advantages of this high tech 5-axis CAM. Fagor Automation and IMH have been collaborating with PowerMill for years and on this occasion they have also assisted us with the postprocessor, creating an optimized program for the machining of a jet turbine blade. “We assist educational centers by providing technical support during the start-up of an installation, resolving issues and collaborating on an ongoing basis. This is what gives our competitive advantage”.

Following, the attendees were taken to the mechanical manufacturing workshop, where they were given a KONDIA HM1060 machine demo on the following three technologies: 3+2 machining for roughing, 4+1 for semi-finishing and continuous 5-axis machining for part finishing.

We give our thanks to all the Training Centers that attended, to companies that collaborated in the project, and also to TKNIKA for their support in organizing the event.

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