Much more than Global Solutions

“Goratu manufactures an innovative 28 meters long machine with a Fagor Automation CNC system for shipbuilding sector parts”

Fagor Automation provides customised global solutions for all types of requirements and machines, from the simplest to the most complex. Global, because Fagor Automation’s continuous improvement process means its products provide a full solution for Machine Tool sector requirements. The CNC systems are perfectly complemented by a wide range of drives, control systems, feedback systems and accessories.

And customised, because customer commitment and a close, direct relationship are essential for providing a full all-round service. Fagor Automation’s relationship with its customers does not end with the sale of a product. It is the start of a collaboration process, working in close partnership on design, development and user training. The ultimate goal is to ensure the project’s success. In short, Fagor Automation creates a link with its customers to achieve excellent results.

Two large lathes

A successful example of this philosophy is the collaboration between Fagor Automation and the company Goratu for the manufacture of two 28 meters long special lathes (GEMINIS brand, model GHT9 G4 D – 1600) for the shipbuilding sector. The company Goratu (Elgoibar, Spain), Machine Tool specialists with products installed in all five continents, has manufactured two lathes to facilitate machining of long special parts for the shipbuilding sector. These unique machines can also work simultaneously on two smaller parts. The lathes were commissioned to Goratu by the company Baliño (Vigo, Spain), shipbuilding sector specialists since 1948 who has extended and diversified their business to other areas such as mining, the paper industry, cement plants and hydraulic power stations. Goratu dealt exclusively with Fagor Automation throughout the entire lathe design and manufacture process, meaning they could focus all their efforts on manufacturing the machine. True to its philosophy, Fagor Automation adapted its work to the project’s requirements, working in close partnership and close to the customer to be aware of their needs and offer them the backing and support required to achieve excellent results.

Added values

One of Fagor Automation’s most unique added values is that its technical and commercial departments work in close collaboration. This is a big advantage for customers, as if any problems should arise they can always directly approach their Fagor Automation contact person, who will provide them with the most adequate solution. This flexibility means we can cater to their needs and solve any problems, ensure the product delivery date and carry out rush work and day-to-day after-sales service. Also, Fagor Automation’s extensive commercial and technical network, present in over 50 countries through its own offices and distributors, allows a direct, easily accessible service to be provided to customers, wherever they may be.