“Fagor CNCs are our guarantee of quality”

Founded in 2006, Tecnijusta is a company specialized in technical mold making for plastic injection. Tecnijusa exports mainly to Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Brazil.

At Tecnijusta, suppliers are considered partners who help grow and improve, like Fagor Automation, whose relationship has been mutually highly gratifying for a long time.

Opinion about Fagor CNCs (Mr. Pedro Mateo’s comments, General manager of Tecnijusta)

Tecnijusta 1

Fagor CNCs are reliable, intuitive, versatile and accurate. One of the main characteristics of our molds is accuracy and Fagor CNCs are the guarantee of our quality.

At Tecnijusta, all CNC machines are equipped with Fagor CNCs and our operators are highly satisfied with their operating ease.

Another important factor coming up when purchasing a new machine is that it comes with a more modern CNC, but with Fagor, this is no problem thanks to their great compatibility with earlier version models. The permanent evolution in terms of features, speed and accuracy of the new generation Fagor CNCs are crucial for the high quality standard that Tecnijusta’s customers know them for.


Tecnijusta 3I should also point out that FAGOR offers the possibility to upgrade older CNC models with more modern ones turning maintenance costs into time and quality investments for our molds. The latest model that Fagor has launched into the market, their CNC 8060 has been in our company for about 6 months and has shown significant improvements, especially in terms of operating ease, display (ergonomic keyboard, touch-screen and high definition graphics), speed, accuracy and new functions like “on-line” adjustment of acceleration, that lets the operator carry out either smoother or sharper axis movements while machining.