Large number of orders at the BIEMH12

The 27th BIEMH ended on 2nd June, having been deemed a success both by the organisation and by exhibiting companies. The CNC sales manager of Fagor Automation, J.M. Larrañaga, expressed his satisfaction with the fine reception given to the powerful innovative platform of the CNC 8065 together with the programming facilities that have been applied to it.

Thanks to the visit by Fabricio Bettiol, a member of our Technology Centre team in Ivrea (Italy), the functions developed for the CNC 8065 were put on display which focus on facilitating programming work for parts. Among these new attributes, special mention should be made of a Selca language programming translator for Fagor (owing to its popularity on the Italian market), and developments regarding our profile editor that enable ISO language to be used to programme profiles. “These have been well-received,” Larrañaga specifies.

Despite the fact that the number of visitors to the stand has dropped this year, the quality of the visits has improved, as “many visitors expressed a specific interest in purchasing a CNC from Fagor. This interest has been genuine, if we look at the amount of orders placed in the weeks following the fair. The fair had not been so fruitful for years – a very positive aspect if we take into account the current economic situation,” Larrañaga adds.

The Sales Manager of theFeedback Division, J.M. Viniegra, coincides with J.M. Larrañaga in highlighting the quality of the visits to this fair. In the feedback division, the most productive visits have been by overseas manufacturers and, more specifically, manufacturers of rotary indexing tables and plates interested in high-resolution encoders. Viniegra stresses the fact that “as far as our OEM customers are concerned, many of them visited our stand and are receiving requests for offers of machines, thus expressing their great satisfaction with the fair.”

In the feedback system area, advantage was taken of the BIEMH12 to launch the new protocol assessment tool for diagnosing the connectivity of encoders, known as PSED. The demo for this new product proved to be very intuitive, according to visitors. However, one of the main attractions of this area was the video of the linear encoder, with which visitors were able to find out in a very visual way about the new features introduced in the latest generation of linear encoders for long and extra-long measuring lengths, which offer performance features that are unique on the market and greatly improve manufacturers’ productivity levels. “Many visitors, including those from the competition, approached the stand because they were fascinated by the video entitled “Uninterrupted productivity”, Viniegra concludes.

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