Kejie Group and Wuxi Qiolian visit Fagor Automation

On the occasion of the recent international EMO exhibition, on September 15th, Fagor Automation hosted 17 people from various companies from China with which they maintain very close trade relations.

Among them were members of the prestigious Kejie Group, a company dedicated to manufacturing engraving machines and exporting to countries like Germany, Brazil, India and Thailand under the Jaitie brand. As well as representatives of Wuxi Qiaolian, company engaged in manufacturing large parts for the wind industry and also produces its own machining machines. Both companies with a high degree of involvement in R & D.

During their stay, they had the opportunity to visit first hand the two plants of Fagor Automation as well as that of Fagor Arrasate and Ikerlan. Fagor Automation staff took the opportunity to show the magnitude of the entire group and its environment, with a visit to the headquarters of Mondragon Corporation, to Mondragon University and to the showroom of Fagor Electrodomésticos.

Note the importance of this visit, as currently Fagor Automation exports 50% of its sales to China the number one country in the world, both in production and consumption of machine tools. Team members were very interested in the multi-sector nature of the whole cooperative group and its functioning.

Inaki Sanchez, CNC business manager points out the importance of the visit. “These visits are very important to strengthen relations with our customers, even more so with the Chinese where ” friendship “or social connections is vital in business. Chinese businessmen take the friendshipas a basic element in their business relations and, therefore, it is not surprising that Chinese entrepreneurs like to do business with people who understand the rules of the game the same way as they do.”