Integral solutions for complex machines: Large and with high-end features

In its more than 30 years of existence, Fagor Automation has given solutions to all kinds of machines, from the simplest looking for flexible operation and production to the most complex with very high technical and productive demands.

During this year exhibitions, Fagor Automation is going to present their latest advances in control and measurement systems showing a qualitative leap in the technology used to provide integral solutions to high-end machines. There are three main products to point out:

The new CNC combines the operating and programming experience of the 8055 and the technological power of the 8070. The 8065 CNC makes it easy to set up all kinds of machines. It offers tools to manage any type of standard kinematics. It also offers volumetric compensation which is becoming a common demand in the search for high machining accuracy. While machining, it permits detecting and correcting in 3D the minor mechanical imperfections that the machine may have and obtain high-precision parts.

8065 CNC: Friendly as always; more powerful than ever

Another novelty of the 8065 CNC is the adaptive control that detects the machining conditions of the tool such as consumed power, temperature of the tool tip, how fast the tool is wearing and part surface finish.
All this data is processed and both the axis feedrate and the spindle speed are adapted for machining under the best conditions in order to achieve maximum productivity and longest useful life of the tools.

Axis motors

In order to meet our customers’ demands, Fagor Automation now offers more high-torque axis motors and high-power spindles. As for axis motors, the range of the FKM family now goes up to 115Nm for large machines that require higher motor torque. Likewise, this type of machines need to move large spindles and that’s why new FM9 spindle motors have been created to further complete the FM7 motor range with power reaching 130 kW in S1.

3Absolute: Solutions from Fagor Automation

Fagor Automation has manufactured linear and rotary optical encoders for the machine-tool sector from the very beginning. Optical technology has always been preferred over other technologies due to their high quality and optimum performance. Throughout the years, Fagor Automation has polished several aspects of the design of their linear encoders to offer, today, one of the highest-quality linear encoders on the market. This opinion is shared by their customers through independent tests run using both incremental and absolute technologies. Visitors will be able to enjoy the presentation of the new “3A” Absolute solutions. The encoder LA, with a measuring length of up 30 m, the longest on the market.
It has been designed and manufactured by Fagor Automation to provide solutions to the machine-tool world. This new linear encoder will keep the same features of the other Fagor linear encoders offering a resolution of 0.1 micron along its 30 m. There is no other encoder on the market today that offers these characteristics and features. They will also present the news absolute angular encoder that integrates existing technologies with new technologies to deliver a product with absolute performance that fully covers the needs of position for the machine-tool industry.
So, starting with the CNC, going through the servo drives and reaching the measuring systems, Fagor Automation offers an integral solution for all kinds of machines. Choosing Fagor Automation allows you to have a single interlocutor for designing your machine and they will make it easy for you to integrate their products.