HMIelite: more flexibility, more functional

Want flexibility and functionality in your work? HMIelite gives it to you. A machine feature that works for one shop might not work for another. Computer numerical controls (CNCs) can play an important role in adapting a machine to a manufacturer’s needs through the development of custom interfaces and the integration of peripherals; examples of it are machine monitoring programs, coolant control systems and probes. However, implementing these customizations often requires high-level programming expertise as well as cooperation from the OEM (and/or third-party companies in the case of peripherals)

Furthermore nowadays users expect more and more from HMIs: more functionality, adaptability to new devices and simpler and more modern options.

Consequently at Fagor Automation we work to offer the most versatile range of features in our HMIs, all packaged in the CNCelite Series model.

Custom Screens

Instead of employing a custom application programming interface (API) to build the new HMIelite, we chose HTML5, an industry first that streamlines machine tool customization.The CNCelite Series HMI runs on HTML5 web technology and can run on a remote CPU. This gives the OEM the complete freedom to configure and customize the HMI independently of the real-time part of the CNC; in turn frees up real-time CPU resources and improves machine performance. Moreover, thanks to the universal language it uses, it is very easy to customize.


As a result it is easier to operate the entire machine. In addition, a well-designed interface can make navigation easier and keep machine operators focused by presenting only relevant information.

For any device

The user is no longer limited to the same screen configuration or computer to access the software. CNCelite Series offers the possibility to connect the HMI to any other device remotely, and with a unique web design everything is seen correctly in any device, as it is adaptable to all screen formats (responsive).

With HMIelite the user can simply slide their fingers across the screen to change the working mode. In addition, a short press on the display allows access to new data. If pressed longer, the contextual help will display the calculator needed.


With FGE (Fagor Geometry Editor)

The great innovation that HMIelite brings is that the new CNCelite offers completely new de­sign of the current profile editor. The new editor is based on the same programming philosophy, but with CAD-based improvements:

Interactive CAD: allows drawing, using the «standard» CAD tool philosophy, defining as many support lines and arcs as necessary to obtain the desired geometry.

  • New operations: Rotations, scaling, symmetry and movement of parts of the drawing can be used.
  • Hole management: allows filtering holes by ra­dius and displaying them sorted by patterns.
  • Ease of modification: It is not necessary to fol­low an order in the generation of the sections. Once the profile is generated, just one click is enough to reverse the direction or change the starting point.

It is expected that during this 2022, this HTML-based HMI will be standard on all Windows-based enterprise remotes.