Fagor Automation has participated in the “Micromanufacturing” project

Fagor Automation has participated in the “Micromanufacturing” project that was created to respond to the need to use micro-technology in sectors as diverse as automotive, biotechnology, electronics and medicine.

It is carried out by 21 partners with vast experience and renown prestige in the field of precision manufacturing. It has been financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.

A micro-machine has been developed that can drill holes down to 50 microns in diameter which represents a considerable breakthrough. To get an idea, one must bear in mind that the average diameter of a hair is 70 microns.

The budget for “Micromanufacturing” has exceeded €11 million.

This project together with the project LAUNCH-MICRO led by the research center IDEKO IK4, helped to get the results shown in the following video.