Fagor Automation collaborates in two open houses organized by the Intaima Group

Fagor Automation has collaborated in two open houses organized by the Intaima Group (Taiwan) in Mexico City and Stuttgart.

The Intaima Group is currently made up by three Taiwanese companies: L&L, Jainnher and Millstart. This alliance of companies has been created to promote the development of the companies in the areas of R&D, production and sales and marketing.

StuttgartOver the next few months, the group is expected to expand to include 10 companies and promises to be a serious cont

ender in the future, with the backing of the Taiwanese government and collaboration with university centers in Taiwan for future developments.

At the open houses, at the invitation of Intaima, the group companies and Fagor Automation were able to make presentations on their respective companies before distributors from different countries, such as Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, to showcase the level of their companies. After the presentations, they enjoyed a meal provided by the Intaima Group, and the afternoons were dedicated to bilateral meetings between distributors and the companies giving the presentations.

It has been a very positive experience and we believe that in the near future, new business opportunities will emerge for everyone.