EMO 2013 – the power of simplicity

The new CNC 8060 was presented at the Timtos show in Taiwan; this CNC integrates the most modern computer technologies for machine operators.

This CNC offers truly intuitive operation, based on pop-up type browsing and an interface that the operator can easily adapt to his work environment. Pop-up based browsing allows displaying options by overlapping the new menus on the screen and, consequently eliminating awkward sub-levels that could confuse the operator.

Depending on the operator’s needs, there may be work modes or machining cycles that he doesn’t wish to use. In that case, he may select the work screens and the cycles that he actually uses and hide the rest, thus simplifying even more the operation of the CNC.

The new line of Fagor keyboards has been designed in cooperation with machine operators in search of easier browsing and data entry. As a complement to those needs and in anticipation to future needs of our customers’, the CNC 8060 offers the following features:

  • Touch screen. Depending on what he needs, the user can choose to use the keyboard, a mouse or this feature.
  • Calculator integrated into the CNC that may be accessed by pressing a key. In production shops, it is very common to use digital calculators to enter data, calculate new offsets, etc. Fagor’s calculator function lets the operator do those calculations directly avoiding data entry errors and speeding up its work.
  • Integrated manuals. Pressing the HELP key, the CNC displays the chapter related to the operation being carried out at the time. Having the CNC manuals in computer format, besides being more ecological, frees the working environment of books that are only consulted occasionally.

It also inherits the HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system of the CNC 8065 that reduces vibrations and obtains smoother movements increasing feedrate values. The HSSA also includes more modern calculation algorithms (splines, nurbs,…) that reduce machining error and offer identical work pieces to those designed using Cad-Cam.

After the success at the Taiwan exhibition in its presentation and at the Feimafe show where the first unit were presented on machines, the CNC 8060 has been launched onto the international market at the EMO show.

For further information on this product, visit us at the show (Stand 025, Hall C44) or chek out corporate website where you can also download a free simulator so you can appreciate the huge conceptual leap that this CNC represents.