R&D+i Projects

FAGOR AUTOMATION's successful career has been so, thanks to our investing efforts in R&D+i (Research, Development and innovation) and in infrastructure that made it possible for us to tackle projects of high strategic relevance. An example of this, are the new facilities for photolithography to produce engraved glass that is used in our linear feedback systems.

Traditionally, the company has dedicated more than 10% of its turnover to R&D+i; it currently has 85 R&D engineers and 6 doctors dedicated to developing new automation and optics technologies integrated into the products developed by FAGOR AUTOMATION, among which the following should be pointed out:

  • Real time control software.
  • Analog, digital and power hardware.
  • Design of specific integrated circuites: ASIC's.
  • Digital and analog servo system.
  • Design, development of 16/32-bit multi-processor systems.
  • Optoelectronics.
  • 3D simulation software.
  • Photolithography and deposition.
  • High-level software.
  • Embedded software.
  • Automation.
  • Vector control.
  • Micro-systems.
  • CAE.
  • Electromagnetism.
  • Mechanics.
  • Optics.

Subsidized Projects:


"New generation of high-precision exposed scales with disruptive optics and recording technology for reading on glassy substrates by reflection" and acronym "VITREX".


Intelligent and sustainable design and manufacture of new products with surface processes for optoelectronic applications" and acronym "INFOCUS". File no: ZE-2022/00001


“Digitalization of Power Electronic Applications within Key Technology Value Chains” and acronym “POWERIZED”. File No: 101096387


“Collaborative Neutralisation of Cyber Attacks on Industrial Systems while Preserving Privacy” and acronym “NCIS”. Dossier no: MIG-20221060


“Research in quantum-inspired solutions and quantum machine learning” and acronym “CUANTICA”. File number: 2022-QUAN-000024-01


“Monitoring and Analysis of complex segmented manufacturing processes” and acronym ‘PROCESSPRINT’. Call for proposals 2023.


“Research on Technologies for the programming of Modular and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems” and acronym “ORKESTRA”.


Co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2027 (FEDER).


“New generation of high-precision intelligent angle encoders for the digitised industry of the future” and acronym “INDIRO”. HAZITEK File No.: ZL-2021/00125 CDTI File No.: ID-20211123


“Flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systems based on robot-machine collaboration” and acronym “R2M”. File No.: ZE-2021/00021


“Process optimization for zero.defect manufacturing of large parts" and acronym “OPTICED”. File No.: KK-2021/00003


“Ultra-productive coil-fed laser blanking machine” and acronym “LASERSTARLINE”. File No.: 114796


“Intelligent Motion Control under Industry 4.E” and acronym IMOCO4.E. File No.: 101007311


“Research in Technologies for the conception of ultra-flexible and self-reconfigurable Manufacturing Systeems ensuring a fully agile and modular production” and acronym “FLEX24/7”. File No.: ZE-2021/00041


“Data science for collaborative exploitation in the advanced manufacturing VALUE CHAIN trhough intelligent and interoperable management of DIGITAL models" and acronym “DIGIVaCh”. File No.: ZE-2021/00026


“New intelligent and comprehensive control platform for the digital transformation of the industry" and acronym “CONINTEL”. File No.: ZL-2022/00019


“Remote interaction for Services” and acronym “REACTION”. Call for proposals 2021.