Serie 3

Serie3 Connected. Robust. Precise. All in one. A new generation that leaves everything else behind. Our new system comes stacked with lots of outstanding new features to convince you.

The families that make up the Serie3, S3, SV3, G3 eta L3 are the most advanced linear encoders ever offered by Fagor Automation. Machine and equipment manufacturers can benefit from an excellent feature set to offer world-class automation solutions.

The research and development strategy reinforces Fagor Automation's position as a leading global supplier of linear and angular encoders.

01. Series3 family with Functional Safety New

FAGOR AUTOMATION is committed to the requests of our customers and partners, especially in regards to making applications safer.

To ensure the safety of individuals operating or working near a machine, it is imperative that machines operate within safety parameters. In such cases, the different axis of the machine must be controlled in a safe way assuring that a non-controlled movement of the machine axis cannot occur.

02. Our range of encoders Up to 50m in length

In summary, each product has a number of new specifications that make them unique and make our encoders the most advanced solutions on the market.

serie S3B encoder


serie G3B encoder


serie SV3B encoder



Maximum efficiency

  • S3 model with reduced dimensions.
  • The connectors (electrical and air) of the G3 model have been placed on both sides.
  • Assembly without the need for nuts.
  • New clamping system.

L3, the biggest of the family

For a seriously sized machine...

  • The longest absolute linear encoders on the market.
  • Connectors on both sides
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum protection to external elements
  • Steel tape with anti-error system

L3: Lengths up to 50 meters!

Head assembly more protected against flooding. Option of lips in fluoropolymer material, more resistant to chemicals. Smaller reader head and air and electrical connections on both sides. Tongue and groove machining allows for easier installation of the modules and larger. Extrusion alignment tolerances. Rolling steel tapes ensure better accuracy in module joints against misalignment. New options for mounting of the profiles on the machine ensuring encoder accuracy with rolling steel tapes and machined joints. Self-tightening of the left-hand strap in the installation. Improved locking system and choice of encoder thermal behavior: as the machine base or as the engraved substrate. Greater resistance to vibration: smaller carrier-head assembly. Higher mechanical speed, mainly due to the elimination of jumps in rolling. Shorter overall length of the scale.
03. Latest technology Total redesig
Maximum capacity in smaller spaces
04. More robust Encoders that can withstand anything...
More rigid.


  • Patented technology
  • Optimal performance in hostile working environment conditions
  • The optical system detects differences, discards invalid information and calculates the correct position with the rest of the information.
  • New opto-electronic scanning assembly with new software
05. More precise. Higher resolution. Improved repeatability.
Smooth, repeatable and accurate machine control.
06. Universal connectivity
Extensive connectivity through different protocols
07. Series 3 Products