Fagor Automation: encoders with the best repeatability in the market

Fagor Automation optical linear encoders are designed to provide very high accuracy and repeatability.

The high standards for the engraving process assures its excellent quality in particular the definition of the edges, duty and contrast. These aspects result in low noise signals and reading errors. Besides, the scanning carriage mechanical interface with the reader head comprises bearings, springs and joints specifically designed to compensate for any misalignment between the machine guide and the encoder.

Aiming to support and validate the latest designs, Fagor linear encoders are subjected to a series of accuracy and performance tests. An independent Technological Center carried out the analysis with Fagor linear encoder versus other options available on the market. The linear encoders were mounted on a machine bench and compared against a laser interferometer. Outsourcing the study guaranteed the credibility of the results and provided reliable information to sustain the current designs and an input for further developments.

The error, backlash and repeatability measurements of Fagor linear encoders obtained in the study were smaller than the same values measured for other manufacturer´s optical encoders. The dataset proved the extremely high accuracy and repeatability of Fagor optical linear encoders, in fact, these are the best of all the options available in the market. The outstanding results assure the position accuracy in any application when using Fagor optical encoders for fine positioning control. The outcome not only evince the excellent performance of the Fagor linear encoder but also support the research and development strategy and strengthens the company position on the top among the suppliers of linear and angular encoders.