Feedback systems for CNC machines

Start-up machine

Linear Encoders
Fagor Automation uses two measuring methods in their absolute linear encoders:

  • Graduated glass: Linear encoders with a measuring length of up to 3040 mm.
  • Graduated steel: Linear encoders with a measuring length over 3040 mm

Angular and Rotary Encoders

Fagor Automation uses the graduated glass measuring method in their absolute angular and rotary encoders.

This measuring method has two different graduations:

  • Incremental graduation: Used to generate square incremental signals for systems that use digital position input and are counted internally by the reader head. Alternatively 1 Vpp analog signal is also produced based on the system requirement.
  • Absolute graduation: It is a unique binary code which is imprinted along the measuring length of encoder.


Self-guided optical linear encoder with integrated bearings.
Mainly, but not exclusively, intended for press brakes and shears.

Laser cutting

FAGOR's open linear encoders are designed for use in machines and systems that usually require high precision at high travel speeds. Typical applications for these systems are:

  • Production and measuring equipment in the semiconductor industry.
  • Circuit assembly machinery.
  • Very high precision machine tools.
  • Measuring and comparison machines, measuring microscopes and other precision devices.
  • Linear motors.