Produce more, with better quality and reducing costs with Fagor Automation’s CNC’s

Fagor Automation CNC’s have a control system that optimizes machining speed, increases the productivity of the machine and preserves the integrity of its mechanics and the tools used.

  • More is produced because thanks to the Dynamic Machining Control, from now on DMC, reduces machining time drastically for demanding machining, especially in roughing processes and on large parts.
  • Better quality because the tool always works in optimum conditions and marks on the parts are avoided thanks to the DMC system.
  • And costs are reduced because the tools last longer and the time needed to purchase replacement tools is extended with the DMC system.

The production improvement will be more noticeable when the geometry of the part is very variable or if the hardness of the material to be machined has significant variations in its hardness or rigidity.

The CNC analyzes the conditions in which the part is being machined (power consumption; temperature of the tool tip…) and adapts both the feed rate of the axes and the spindle speed to perform the machining in the optimum conditions and obtain maximum productivity.

When this function is not available, there are two options for programming the machining feedrate:

  • Priming the surface finish, going slower, adapting the speed to the most restrictive area of the part but penalizing the execution time.
  • By giving priority to machining time, but with lower quality finishes because the tool does not work homogeneously throughout the part.

Having this functionality, the main advantages obtained with the DMC system are:

  • Increased tool life due to less tool wear.
  • Automatic learning of optimal cutting conditions.
  • No operator required to maintain machining conditions.
  • Reduced machining time.
  • Tool breakage detection for workpiece and machine protection.
  • Optimum machining surface qualities.